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Week 6 – The Compass or the Clock

Compass, vector

You’re either living by the compass or by the clock. You can’t do both.

The compass is your DMP, driven by your PPN’s. It’s what makes your heart sing. late-sm

The clock is what everyone else is pushing you to do.

I choose the direction of the compass, and my destination. The clock marches relentlessly on, dictating what I “should” do when. The COMPASS is my FRIEND.

I love what Mark said in this week’s training. All these exercises we’re doing… all the linking, the reading, the sit… it’s no mere paint-by-numbers.


We are choosing our own paintbrushes, paints, and canvas. We are painting our own beautiful masterpiece.

As we are faithful to do the exercises, attaching the appropriate strong emotions to them, without judgment or allowing the Old Blueprint to weasel its way in to spoil everything… just being the observer — we will begin to see how it all fits together for the attainment of our true purpose.

Last week in church, we were reminded that there is a big difference between believing a truth in our heads, and allowing it to take root in our hearts. The book of James speaks of the “engrafted word” having the power to change our lives. It does no good at all just to read the Bible — it’s a mirror that shows us what needs to be changed. When we allow it to take root in our heart and become a part of who we are, then it will make a difference.

That’s what happens when we do the MKMMA exercises the way they were meant to be done. They are not just daily exercises, like homework assignment or items to check off our To Do List. They become habits, and a part of the very fabric of our being. They are for the purpose of leading us to discover our true purpose in life, our true gifts that only we can impart to the world.


3 thoughts on “Week 6 – The Compass or the Clock

  1. Just remember.. everything we do to support our journey changes us forever… the more fuel we add to this… the more complete our transmutation is. Living by the compass is truly and amazing gift for all of us..

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