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Week 1 – You Don’t Have to Scratch Every Itch


“You don’t have to scratch every itch!”

I said that to one of my sons one day, and another son thought it was funny. I don’t know why. I’ve always thought I HAD to scratch every itch. Now I know — I don’t. One of the daily exercises in the Master Keys course is to sit absolutely still for 15 minutes to a half hour. If you scratch an itch, you have to start all over.

2 Things I’ve Learned thru “The Sit”

1. If you wait long enough, the itch will go away.
2. I must be the itchiest person on the planet!

This is my second time through the Master Key Master Mind Alliance. The first time was two years ago. Why am I willing to go through this rigorous training a second time? Because I learned a lot the first time, but not enough to keep following through. Some things will be review for me, but I’m not going to take them for granted. As I see each lesson and each exercise through fresh eyes, I fully expect to learn a lot more about myself, my world, and what I have to offer through my gifts and passions.

Desire Is Not Enough

Mere desire isn’t enough to get me anywhere.

In Chapter 2 of Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill says:

“When Barnes got off the train he resembled a tramp, but his thoughts were those of a king. He had ONE CONSUMING obsession, ONE DOMINATING BURNING desire, ONE KEEN PULSATING desire. It may have begun as a wish, but it was no mere wish when he appeared before Edison.”

A wish… an acorn… a chick embryo… a menial task… the bottom rung… all have something in common. They are small, but within them they hold huge potential. And they are very significant when I see them as the first step toward my goal.

Goals Are Not Enough

Barnes saw nothing but his goal. In his mind there was no distance between the tramp and the king… the menial task and the partnership with Edison. It was not some ethereal dream… it was so real and so close that he could taste it, smell it, see it, hear it, touch it. Five years without outward confirmation was nothing to him. He never wavered BECAUSE HE WAS THERE already in his mind.

The MKMMA exercises will help me clarify exactly what my true desires are, and show me how to develop them into a burning desire that will in turn help me to achieve my goals. This is not like any training I have received anywhere else. Setting goals is not enough. I need to get my subconscious mind working with me, or I’ll never achieve them.

I am looking forward to the next six months!


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