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Week 24 – The Beginning

Today ends our six-month Master Key Master Mind Alliance course. But this is not the end — it’s the beginning. My whole future stretches ahead of me, with full potential for the realization of all my dreams and goals.

Looking Back

I expected to see a lot of changes during this six months, but I could not have foreseen some of the changes that had nothing to do with the course.

I did not expect to fly across the country in Week 3, to see my mom (first time in 10 years), who was very ill in hospital — or to attend the funeral of my aunt, Mom’s sister, who passed away unexpectedly during our visit. I did not expect Mom to pass away in Week 9. I did not expect to spend a scary couple of hours in the ER in Week 15 — or to lose a dear friend that same week.

But everyone in the MKMMA could tell his or her own story of challenges and obstacles. Life is like that.

Could I have been a better student? Yes. Could I have been more consistent in doing the daily exercises? Yes. But the MKMMA is so chock full of value, that I firmly believe a person could take ONE thing from this course, and if he’s faithful and diligent in doing it to the furthest extent, his life will change dramatically. The more he does, the greater the reward. The more he gives, the more he gets.

I’ve learned so much from the course that I hardly know where to begin to capsulize it. I’ll limit myself to a few most important ones for me, as I move into the coming months.

Looking Forward

“Do It Now!” 25 times, twice a day — and whenever I’m faced with a task I don’t feel like doing for whatever reason. It truly is empowering, and spurs me to action.

My mind is clear, my heart is pure and body is strong. I make healthy choices 24/7. I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.

I give myself permission to accept and manifest ALL and EVERYTHING God has promised to me in Christ Jesus.

TODAY I begin a NEW LIFE. I greet this day, and everything and everyone in it, with LOVE in my heart. I know exactly what to do, and I DO IT NOW, with joy and gratitude. I apply all my efforts to become the highest mountain of all! I PERSIST, and I SUCCEED!


8 thoughts on “Week 24 – The Beginning

  1. I believe and bear witness that I am, in fact more whole, more perfect, stronger, more powerful, more loving, more harmonious, and happier. I am closer to being what I am here to become and happier for it. I cannot speak for anyone else, but can and do say I am not alone. I sense, feel and observe growth in all my friends. I count you and all around me in this MKMMA family just that….family. We have come some distance together and I give thanks to you and all for this begging.


  2. My comment was not fully proof read! It was meant to end with beginning, not begging. I did do plenty of begging to make it through, and think I was not alone, so be it as it may congratulations to all of us for making it through to this new start.😀


  3. So sorry to hear about all the the bad things that have happened to you in the last 6 months. You could have let it get you down..you could have let it wear you down… You COULD have..but you didn’t. YOU are strong. You just don’t know how strong you are. Please keep smiling and keep learning everyday. if I can help you with anything..if I can then I will help. We all gotta support each other right?


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  4. Congratulations on completing your course. From reading your comments this looks like it is a jam packed course with lots of action to take in order to move forward.Like you say life is full of unexpected happenings, things we never dream of happening but they do happen. I am sorry about your loss.


  5. Sounds like you have found your ground. Now, standing you will have to push forward and remain positive. Just doing daily activities and keeping that mind busy, is key. Enjoy and take courage. Knowing, we all love you and support your decisions. Just reach out for help if in need. None of us can say. We did anything alone.

    Love and peace my friend.


  6. Sounds like it has been a big push that has been life changing, difficult and successful. Very inspiring to see that you have kept at it! Keep on going 🙂 Congrats on completing the course!


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