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Week 22a – Silence

“When the world gets to be too much, how do you best re-energize yourself?”

This is the question my friend Kim Castleberry asked her blogging buddies this week. The answers vary, but I am not the only one who likes to get outside and spend time in nature.


A lot of people don’t like to be alone with themselves and their thoughts. They have to have the radio on in the car, they turn the TV on the minute they get in the door, they think if there’s another person in the room one of them has to be talking… you get the picture.

I remember when my first husband had been in the hospital for several months, and I’d come home to an empty apartment, I would turn the TV on whether or not I had any intention of watching or even listening to it. More recently, when all of my kids were still at home, I often clapped my headphones on and turned my music up so that it would drown out all other sounds, and I could concentrate on my writing. Now that only Nathaniel is at home, I hardly ever listen to my music. I prefer the silence!


“Be still and know that I am God.” ~ Psalm 46:10

How can I hear His still, small voice if I don’t quiet my mind?

Ten years ago, when I discovered I have ADD, I read Scattered Minds, by Gabor Mate MD, who himself has ADD. Among the many suggestions he offers for minimizing the negative aspects of ADD, and maximizing the positive, he says this about getting out into nature:

“There is matchless unity, harmony and peace in nature — all that is lacking, in other words, in the ADD mind. Many parents will note that the hyperkinetic brain or body or mouth of their son or daughter will gradually slow down after a few short days away from the hurly-burly of everyday urban life. The adult, too, neglects an important need if she deprives herself of regularly experiencing the outdoors.”

That is wonderfully true for me. Whether working in the garden, camping at the lake, or sitting by the river… there is something about the sight of the wildflowers and forest creatures, the sound of the birds singing and the leaves rustling in the wind, the feel of the sunshine and breezes on my face…


This past week we were given an assignment that will take that a lot further. Imagine spending two or three DAYS unplugged from any electronic devices including cell phones, in complete silence. For most of us, that means leaving home for a couple of days — which unfortunately I am not able to do right now. But I would love, love, love to do it in the summer time! Just go somewhere alone, where I don’t have to speak a word, and just commune with God. Imagine how that would clear away the clutter — clarity would reign!

Just the couple of hours here and there that I have spent in silence have shown me how valuable an exercise it would be.

In quietness and confidence shall be your strength
~ from Isaiah 30:15


11 thoughts on “Week 22a – Silence

  1. Ah another one blessed with A.D.D. I say blessed because there are some real benefits. Living life like watching a movie frame by frame, moment by moment; without them appearing to be connected. No tomorrow or yesterday only NOW. Of course each of those examples also has the potential for stress, confusion, never getting anything truly finished, but always close. It could be worse; we could be married to someone with A.D.D
    I love your blogs.
    Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Hi Willena,

    Good question from Kimberly. I seen it too on Facebook and I’m so glad you wrote this post around it. Silence. Three days being unplugged is an amazing experience. I often do this for a day here and there, just to regain my connection to the world and to God.

    I do unplug on “Good Friday to Easter” and for those three days I pray and meditate. Silence is a wonderful gift to give ourselves.

    Unplugging for a time is always a refreshing experience.

    Thanks for this great share!


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  3. Hello Willena, I worked over 25 years in a Casino so now I LIKE QUIET! I would never turn on the TV or radio just for the noise. I do spend a lot of time by myself and love to meditate. Today for instance, I had a 2 1/2 hour drive home from my parents house, niw most people would click on that radio right?

    Well for me this was my time to think and I can’t do that very well with the radio blasting away. I also like to spend this time rehearsing for a video, a call or just scripts for phone calling..

    Yep Silence.. Thanks for sharing.. Chery :))


  4. Hi Willena, Great post but I don’t believe I could stand the silence. I’m not sure when I started but I’ve had to have music, TV or something on ever since I can remember. I believe it is because of an inner ear problem that I have to have noise to drown out the ringing.

    I would love the 3 days of being alone otherwise. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Hi Willena,

    Great post 🙂 Yes I do agree we really do like being really alone and thinking, can drive you crazy lol Thanks for sharing for how important it is to just be silent 🙂 Sometimes we just need to be…..


  6. Hello Willena.

    Such a good post. I personally love silence and not having the TV going or listening to music all the time. It allows me to stay connected with my surroundings and myself I guess. My husband’s the opposite. He loves listening to music, a TED talk, whatever. Interesting how we’re all so different, isn’t it?

    In terms of being “unplugged,” I remember one night when the city lights went out for several hours. It was probably one of the funnest nights my family had together. We got candles out, spent time figuring out what we should eat from the fridge, and just hung out together. Also, it brought neighbors out. People were talking and out of their homes. Amazing what lack of electricity can do even for a few hours!



  7. Hi Willena,

    Thank you for this post! It truly is needed these days to have some silence and be unplugged. Last week our family did that for a Saturday. We turned off the internet which kept us unplugged from the phone, computers, and tv. The kids weren’t that happy about it but were able to do much reading. I believe every family should do this especially to hear the voice of God. How can we hear him if don’t be quiet and listen?

    Thanks for sharing,


  8. Willena,
    Just reading this short blog post put me temporarily into an altered and quiet state of mind. I was suddenly transported, even while still plugged in and still online. But I could almost feel the sounds of nature and imagine sitting by a river. Your writing is almost magical to me. Thanks for this very important reminder. As a former professor of health and physical education, I taught yoga, relaxation and meditation (along with stress management, health and many activity courses), and I always loved those quiet times of deep silence and dep breathing, even for just a few minutes at a time. It got me, and my students, through many stressful times.


    Dr. Erica


  9. Silence is nice, but I love some noise, especially music. I use to bike long distance back in college when I was younger (72 miles in a day), and at first, I’d go without music. It was weird and some of the places, well, it made me uncomfortable and kind of depressed… even if the scenery was very beautiful. Music though- made everything better.


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