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Week 21 – Keys

All my life I’ve been looking for “the key”.

– the key to unclogging the bottleneck of my life
– the key that will open doors to potential
– the key to unravelling puzzles

A key is a very small thing that opens up huge possibilities that were closed before.

Davene Januszewski has written a blog post about a few such keys, only she called them the Top 4 Mind Mistake That Screw Up Your Life. I was well aware of three of them — negative thinking, emotions, and not being in service — but #3 was a real Aha! moment for me.

Not breathing? Who doesn’t breathe??

But as Davene has pointed out, so many of us don’t breathe enough, or we take such tiny, shallow breaths, that how can we possibly live and grow?

Years ago, when I was in a choir, I was taught to breathe through my diaphragm. How could I have forgotten so vital a lesson as that?

Think about it. If you don’t breathe deeply enough, oxygen isn’t able to reach all parts of your body and brain. And chances are, you are also not taking deep cleansing breaths that are so needed.

Breathing… such a small thing we seldom think of it. Maybe you’re thinking it’s too trivial to mention. Yet it is the key to physical and mental health, and growth as a person.

What keys have you found in your own life, to help you surge forward with clarity and energy toward your goals?


4 thoughts on “Week 21 – Keys

  1. I would have to say “Finding my core passion”. That has been my key per say. I had to dig deep and pray. Most people do not find this difficult and when done right it isn’t.

    I chose to live a life of service. Now, at first I felt that I could resolve all challenges, others have come to me for. Yet, learned the easy way, that sometimes challenges are confused with lack of clarity. Without clarity, we can not grow?

    Thanks Willena, for being in our lives and bringing a ray of sunshine. Love it!

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  2. Hello Willena, I start each and everyday with my deep breathing and now after reading this I think I do need to incorporate this into my daily breaks as well! Point well taken, Thanks for sharing.. Chery :))

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  3. Great article, it is amazing how the small things can make such a difference. Being on a schedule especially first thing everyday makes a big difference to me.


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