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Week 16 – Kindness


Have you ever read the book, The Slight Edge, by Jeff Olson? In it he demonstrates how small things can multiply exponentially when done on a daily basis.

Start with a penny, and double the amount every day. On Day 30, you will have over $5 MILLION dollars!

A single water hyacinth will reproduce and completely cover the surface of a pond by the end of 30 days.

The Master Key course starts off in Week 1 with a few short exercises to do each day. Now we are in Week 16, just halfway through the course, and a person could be totally lost and overwhelmed with the daily tasks. NOT so for the person who has been faithful all along in doing the exercises.

Every exercise is there for a purpose, designed to come at the subconscious from every possible direction and use every way thee is for helping you change your thinking so you can reach your goals. For this reason, the more diligent a person is, the easier the whole thing becomes. He doesn’t see all the bits and pieces that make up the whole. He sees it all together as one cohesive whole.


One of this week’s exercises, as part of the Franklin Makeover, is to focus on kindness. Take note of kindnesses done by others to yourself and to others. Look for ways of showing kindness to others. AND do two nice things without getting caught. Make someone else’s job easier.

As with so many of our exercises, such as the mental diet, no opinions, gratitude cards, mini-journal, and NARC, this exercise is wonderful for raising awareness of the kindness in others and where there is room for improvement in me. And reading of others’ experiences in the mastermind forum this week has been inspirational and exhilarating, as thousands of stories and comments have come in!

“The law of nature is, Do the thing and you shall have the power: but they who do not do the thing have not the power.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson, Compensation


10 thoughts on “Week 16 – Kindness

  1. I love this topic based on living it each day. After morning prayer. Now, morning to me will be anytime I start my day. I have been working by serving others over 33 years as of today. So, I do not have a certain time to do anything except medically.

    Now, kindness is natural and we all have it in us. Just allow yourself to live in an attitude of gratitude. One thing I do each day is think of one person per day to share my appreciation. That is, for them being in my life. Sometimes it is a person I met just sharing ideas. Either way, I express by sending them a postcard each day someone. It is made by me and my imagination. It only cost me 34 cents each day. I feel so good and it has changed my whole outlook on living a life of gratitude.

    People only expect to share their gratitude when it will get them something in return. That is what that exercise is changing . Our perception to act from kindness without expecting anything in return.

    Thanks for sharing this. It goes a long way to our hearts and minds. Just do something for someone else, each day. Share a thank you for someone speaking with you or listing to you share a challenge and they help you through it. There are more things in a given day to be thankful for. So, are there people who you interact with daily. That you can express your gratitude by being kind. It will come naturally the more you do it.


  2. Willena,

    What you’ve been doing is amazing! Kindness is key in so many aspects in life and I can see why you must focus on that. Everyone must focus on being more kind to others AND THEMSELVES.

    Take care,


  3. Hi Willena. I haven’t been to this blog before. I LOVE your header. It’s beautiful. I figured that Kindness was a good place for me to join the conversation! Kindness is so essential to a happy life. And it FEELS good. So many people are seemingly too busy to be kind, but it doesn’t take much to add a ray of sunshine to someone’s life. Hold open a door. Smile. Let someone get in front of you on the road (unless it’s one of those people who know their lane is ending and drive to the very end because they want to be in front of everyone LOL). I’ll make it my mission to be kind this week.

    All the best,


  4. Great share Wilena, I like the topic of kindness. I believe this has to be done with o strings attached, sometimes people tend to do an act of kindness because they look for a return. I like your qoute, more like the “Golden Rule” Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


  5. Hi Willena! This is the first time I am visiting your blog and I really loved this post. It intrigued me to read other posts about other weeks. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  6. Hi Willena, The past week has definitely raised my awareness in Kindness, whether it’s my kindness towards others or others towards myself. One thing that I discovered was that when I was focusing on Kindness I did not see or feel all of the negativity that surrounded me and that was a huge boost to my mental diet…just one of the many wonderful side-effects of kindness week….Peace & Blessings to You.


  7. Hi Willena

    I think kindness is one of the best things we an do to help shape our lives. If we were all a bit kinder..a bit nicer…smiled a bit more… if we sent that out to the universe consistently I wonder..do you think the universe would send it back in abundance?



  8. Excellent Post Willena.

    I haven’t read “The Slight Edge” as yet but it’s on my list of books to be read.

    I like the “kindness Exercise” . Do unto others as you would like them do unto.With life being so busy people are forgetting to be kind. I will try to do 2 things without being caught.


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