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Week 15 – Words

Every chapter in The Master Keys has a little something for everyone — the artist, the scientist, the mathematician, the philosopher, the writer… But I especially like this week’s chapter, because he talks a lot about WORDS.

I love words. Often I enjoy a book as much for the author’s use of words, as for the story itself. Haanel is writing in the context of the words we use to speak to ourselves. As a writer, I see the same importance in the words I put out there for others to read.

My Words to Myself

We cannot escape from the pictures we incessantly photograph on the mind.  – Charles Haanel

Facts tell. Stories sell. And the best stories abound with colourful word pictures. Good or bad, they are powerful — so I’d better make sure they are aligned with my definite major purpose and my personal pivotal needs!

My Words to Others

Words may become mental places that will live forever, or they may become shacks which the first breeze will carry away.  – Charles Haanel

There are two kinds of authors in this world. Those who write “disposable books” that give a moment’s pleasure and disappear into oblivion. And those who write books that last for centuries.

This week I listened to the audio version of Ester Ried, by Isabella Alden aka Pansy. The book was written in 1870, the language is a little antiquated, and the pseudonym would never be accepted today. Yet the story held me spellbound, the characters were true to their nature, and the language was descriptive, homey and strong. There’s a reason her books are available, unabridged, on Gutenberg, Librivox AND Amazon.

THAT is the kind of book I’m writing.

The words we say to ourselves… or the words we say to others… the advice is the same. In the words of a friend of mine…

“Clothe yourselves in the words you want your life to be.”  – Davene Januszewski


10 thoughts on “Week 15 – Words

  1. I agree. Words have the power to lift another or bring them down. Words have the power to motivate or intimidate. And as we have learned, words have the power to create reality, our reality. Never have words been so important! Thank you for your post.


  2. Words, literally have meaning. Sometimes we truly mean what we say, sometimes our words and thoughts, and actions align, but always we live with our actions in the final analysis, and of course our hope and determination to improve.


  3. Beautiful Willena… It is wonderful to read, or listen to a story and be able to visualise the scene painted by the words. I think this takes great skill from the writer… we can each interpret the pictures in our mind in our own way.

    Words spoken can mean everything and nothing to the speaker…. and be anything to uplifting to devastating to the listener, and we should use them with care… I love those words from Davene:

    “Clothe yourselves in the words you want your life to be.”

    we indeed are the words we speak, think and communicate 🙂



  4. Hi Willena, one famous book sprang to my mind as I was reading your post – Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby”. I read that for the author’s use of words and not for the actual story. I saw the film they made based on that book recently, and didn’t like it, because all those superb descriptive words weren’t used in the movie.


  5. Yes, our words can build or destroy. We have so much power in them. Which most people never figure out. We can shape new worlds, per say. That is the lasting part of words.

    Being careful to remember that words once spoken can not be taken back. You can not erase what you speak, like posting online. Then, turning around to delete. Yet, the world already have been exposed.

    Lesson learned. Be aware of what you think. Which, will bring forth the words you choose to use in speak, writing and just to make a point.

    Amazing article and worth my time to read.


  6. You are writing a book that will last for centuries? That’s awesome.

    I tell my students, “words have meaning.” I think those three words, though obvious, are also profound.

    Good luck with your book.


  7. Hi Willena,

    Words can paint a picture. When reading something I visualize the characters in my mind. Then if a movie comes out, I am always disappointed.

    Words can be carefully selected to evoke an emotion too. Wow…now you have me thinking of all the different things words can do.

    Great inspiration…cannot wait for your book!



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