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Week 10 – I Will Persist Until I Succeed!

From Scroll III…

“I will persist until I succeed.

“I will try, and try, and try again. Each obstacle I will consider as a mere detour to my goal and a challenge to my profession. I will persist and develop my skills as the mariner develops his, by learning to ride out the wrath of each storm.

“I will persist until I succeed.”

My son Nathaniel invited his friend over last evening, to stay overnight. They wanted to play their favourite computer game as multi-player, on Nathaniel’s computer and Adam’s laptop. They’ve done this before, so they knew they could do it again. But for some reason, no matter what they did, they could not get the two computers networked so they could play together. Between last night and this morning it took them SIX HOURS — but they did it!

Talk about persistence! They came up against every brick wall imaginable. But when the payoff came, they forgot all about the problems. They didn’t think about all the frustration or the “wasted” hours. They dove in and started playing, and even forgot to eat breakfast or lunch till I stepped in.

From The Master Key Part 10…

“If you entertain thoughts which are not in accordance with the Infinite and cannot therefore be polarized; then there is no circuit, you are isolated, the thoughts cling to you, harass you, worry you, and finally bring about disease…”

The enemy of persistence is resistance. Mark told us early in the Master Key course, to watch for resistance in ourselves to any of the exercises we are given. If we find any of the exercises difficult to do, then we need to be honest with ourselves and check for resistance — and correct it.

What is the formula for insanity? Doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results. If we’re not getting the results we want, we need to know why.

No matter what you need to change, you must discover the beliefs of your heart and what’s really motivating you before you can even begin to change your current situation. Otherwise you will find yourself resisting at every turn. If you see yourself a certain way, you will always go back to that faulty image of yourself. You cannot change permanently any situation until you change the programming that is literally in your cells

We can’t get free of anything we have taken ownership of. And we can’t think of two things at the same time. So stop owning those pesky lies — by replacing them with the truth!

Which, of course, is the whole purpose of the exercises. They aren’t just a list of things to do every day to maintain our scholarship in the Master Key course. They are given to help us write our own story, and build our own bridge to the future we so long for.

I will persist until I succeed!


15 thoughts on “Week 10 – I Will Persist Until I Succeed!

  1. “The enemy of persistence is resistance.” Since we have learned that persistence is a key to success we certainly want to know how to achieve it. You are being the observer and seeing connections between happenings in your daily life and the lessons we are learning in MKMMA. I congratulate you on your awareness. I enjoyed reading your post and look forward to learning more about you in the next two weeks.

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  2. Amazing insight!

    Yes, one must have voluntary willingness to change. That is the sum of it all!

    We keep on facing our challenges with fear. We will never want to move forward and remain in our comfort zone. Just taking little steps help. Make the choice to face challenges with understanding there is always a solutions. We live in a solution mind.

    Willena, you have found your balance and it shows!

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  3. We are whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy. This in itself IS a service to others. We are God’s children, we share his spiritual DNA nothing is out of our reach; nothing can resist us! Opinion? Who knows, who cares? it is good enough for “I”

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  4. Well said Wellina. Self awareness and learning to understand our belief system really is the key to any long-term meaningful growth. You may have already covered this, but right up there, if not at the tip top, is commitment. There are several standard models for behavior change, but what they all have in common is there must be full commitment. Thanks for the inspiration!

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  5. Great message here! You have to stay after anything you do and continue to practice it and tune your skills. If you wan to obtain a goal bad enough, then you will persist through the difficulties and accomplish them. Thank you for sharing!

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