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Week 3 – Linking It All Together


I like making jigsaw puzzles. I always start with the straight-edged pieces, till I’ve got the frame put together. This is great, because it holds everything else together. As for the rest of it, I usually have half a dozen groups of pieces put together, and after a while I begin to see how they all fit together. Much later, I see the whole picture, complete without any gaps.

After today’s webinar, I am beginning to see

how some of the groups fit together.

Last week we were introduced to “linking”. After a while, I started noticing blue rectangles all around me… and they made me think of the simple task I had set for myself. Today it was a red circle, linked to another simple task. But today I also realized that the blue rectangle and red circle also link in my mind to the principle behind the task! Two groups of puzzle pieces now fit together into one larger one! AND I’m beginning to see just how the other reading and exercises I am doing each day will all fit together into a glorious whole.

This is only Week 3. We’ve only scratched the surface. I can’t wait to see how this Master Key journey unfolds as the weeks turn into months.


Who will Willena Rose be at the end of six months? I don’t know exactly. But even she is taking shape as I rewrite and refine my DMP – aka my Definite Major Purpose. I like this!




14 thoughts on “Week 3 – Linking It All Together

  1. Hello Willena, Wow Your blog is Awesome! Love the banner and the colors.. It is all so clean and fresh! I am envious! Does this have to do with your DMP? Either way my friend Keep up the good work..
    Chery :))

    P.S. I do hope that your mother is alright and will keep both of you in my prayers, Safe Travels..

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    • Hi Chery!

      DMP means Definite Major Purpose, which for me means becoming a published author. My writing blog is part of that, but I haven’t established it yet. When I do, I may use the same banner. Which, by the way, is the headboard for my bed, which was made by my artistic husband, Ian. He took a piece of lumber (spruce) and made the design with his router and finer tools. He coloured it with pencil crayons. I think it’s beautiful! He made another for his side of the bed, with a goldfinch on a thistle blossom. Equally beautiful!

      My mom is doing considerably better than she was, and was moved today to a long term rehab centre. It sounds most encouraging to me!


  2. Hi Willena,

    I am glad that the pieces are all coming together for you. Its good to read everybody’s week three as there are so many similarities but so many different insights too. Thanks



    • Something tells me this is only the beginning, and that a whole lot more of the picture will come together in the coming weeks and months. I’m looking forward to it.

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    • It’s certainly bringing things into focus for me. Which is a very good thing, because my thoughts tend to get scattered easily.


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