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Week 2 – The Interior Power

“The interior power is called the Subconscious Mind, or the Subjective Mind” ~ Charles Haanel

I made a couple of discoveries about my subconscious mind this week, and why Haanel calls it the “interior power”

Revising my DMP

In writing my first draft, I followed the pattern set down by Napoleon Hill in his chapter on Desire, in Think and Grow Rich. It was a good start, but my certified guide wanted more specifics — and money amounts!!

I don’t mind admitting I nearly panicked, because money has always been a challenge for me. Money is so abstract, so ethereal, so… beyond my reach. I don’t even WANT to be fabulously wealthy! Once in a while I’ve thought it would be nice, but my mind has never held truly grasped that tantalizing thought or held onto it long enough to make anything of it.

I have no desire to make money goals. I’d far rather focus on taking action on my writing goals, because then the money will take care of itself. Or will it?? Is that a noble, lofty goal on my part, or is it my subconscious mind’s desperate and powerful attempt at keeping me tied to my Old Blueprint?

Is this the resistance Mark warns us against?

The truth is…

My husband is past his 65th birthday, and is still working. How long will that last?? We have a 15-year-old son who will not be ready to leave home for a few years. We could be in serious trouble if we haven’t developed a substantial form of income before Ian is asked to retire. So it’s kinda important to DECIDE to think about money — NOW!

I put in an amount that may sound pretty pathetic to some people, but to me it is huge. I know we will be working on our DMPs for a few weeks yet, so there’s room for growth there. At least it’s a start šŸ™‚

Sitting Still, in Silence

I am White — and I have ADD. Imagine the conflict between my need for organization, and my abhorrence of being forced into any kind of routine! It’s been my battleground all my life.

In his book, Scattered Minds, Dr. Gabor Mate writes:

“There is matchless unity, harmony and peace in nature — all that is lacking, in other words, in the ADD mind.”

Nature quiets the mind. It’s as if ADD doesn’t even exist. I’ve seen that at work in my own life. I love to get out for a walk or bike ride, and spend time by the river or in the woods. Even working in my garden has the same quieting effect on my overactive mind. Hearing only the wind sighing in the trees… the birds singing… the soft ripple of the river flowing by… All is calm, and I am able to see and think clearly.

But a person can spend only so much time alone outdoors before coming back inside to face the chaos again. Then what?

I don’t need to be told how valuable it is to slow down and sit still, in silence. But these Masterkey exercises show me what I didn’t know before — how to get to that place! As I learn how to do it for 15 minutes a day, I am also learning to quiet my mind at other moments in the day when things around me get noisy or chaotic.

Quiet my mind — or give in to the chaos? It’s my choice.

“Be still, and know that I am God.” ~ Psalm 46:10


21 thoughts on “Week 2 – The Interior Power

  1. That’s totally right, Willena – It’s your choice. Bravo for finding the quiet within yourself. Oh, if it hasn’t already been explained in an earlier blog, White is your personality color code, not specifically your skin color, right? I just wanted to make sure I was reading that correctly. Thanks! – Marea

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  2. Thanks, Marea. And yes, I mean white is my personality color. šŸ™‚ According to another system, I am a Green, which means I’m very organized and detail oriented. Hence the continuous mental battle between organization and flighty-ness. I’m thankful I’m learning a way to have peace within!


  3. Hi Willena,
    RE: resistance about money, or anything else.
    I kinda think resistance is crafty and devious and comes cloaked in many guises. For me, I find what I thought are/were truths about myself or ‘everyone else’ or the world are often the overt signs of resistance.
    And indeed, the quiet clarity we seek during the ‘Sit’, which doesn’t come easily for anyone I suspect, gives us the opportunity to peek around the corners of resistance to see what wonders might be on the other side. At least that’s as I am beginning to experience it.
    Best wishes,

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    • Hi Bruce,

      Whether it is resistance, or the authentic me… that is often the question. I am thankful we’re being given the tools to tell the difference!


  4. Another way I like to look at money is… it’s a tool. A hammer can be used to destroy — or it can be used to build something of value to those around me. The hammer isn’t bad or good. It’s a tool. It’s how I use it that counts. So it is with money, as I am discovering…


  5. I love this post Willena. Especially the part about money because I struggled with that topic myself in my own dmp. thank you for sharing


  6. Willena, I admire the journey you have embarked upon, and must read Week 1. I see your conflict between organization and flighty-ness, and love that you are discovering ways to quiet your mind.I hope this will allow you to have a more planned approach to the chaos when you come back inside.
    I have found this CD from Wayne Dyer – 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace – really calming to listen to, somehow it reaches corners and ties up loose thoughts.Some of your words on nature above brought it to mind.


  7. Silence is a powerful place to begin a new journey, Willena. It’s a place where you can, even if temporarily, avoid doubt, contradiction and logic. It’s a place where everything can work perfectly in inner harmony… sort of a blueprint that you might impose upon the battleground of reality.


    • When I am in nature, I don’t even have to try to avoid all the negative stuff… it’s just not there. The peace and quiet permeate my mind and my being so I’m not even aware there is anything to avoid. But I can’t be in nature all the time, so it is good to have other ways of handling stress and negative thoughts.


  8. Willena, I am happy to hear that you have finally discovered a way to quiet your mind for 15 minutes at a time. I have spent decades studying about the mind, body, spirit connection. Having taught yoga and stress management for many years when I taught at the college, and even with my clients when I do the mind body therapy. There is so much power in getting quiet and allowing the answers and solutions to come to you. Many of the greatest geniuses, such as Einstein, found their historical solutions to huge problems in those quiet times. And that will certainly help with your writing.


    Dr. Erica


    • Thanks, Erica. Yes, it will help with my writing. NaNoWriMo is coming up pretty quickly, and this year I want to do what you did — write a book, edit it, and get it up on Amazon. Preferably before the end of December!


  9. I enjoyed reading your blog Willena! I also had issues with a set amount of money while writing my DMP. Thanks for sharing!


  10. I’m glad I’m not the only one, Wendy. I always thought the amount I make is dependent on others. I’m glad I’m learning the truth!


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